Below is a selection of our most asked questions, along with our responses.

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What kind of skip bins does Just Chuck It provide?

Just chuck it provides skip bins for domestic and commercial waste using Marrel skip bins lifted off the back of the skip truck, We are now serving , the blue mountains , Penrith and the Hawksbury areas.

Bin Sizes below

bin table
What size of skip bin do I need?

The size of the Just chuck it skip you will need will vary depending on the type and amount of waste you have,

To estimate the size you need, simply calculate the volume of your waste . The length x the height x the width

bin volume faq image

Above calcs 1.6x1.6x1.6=approx. 4.096m3 So order a 4m3 bin

What’s the process?

Go through our super easy website and book your bin in under 2 minutes

There’s not much space at my house… can I still get a skip?

In most cases we can place the bin on your driveway. In some instances, you can have the bin delivered onto the nature strip, however, the skip bin cannot block pedestrian access or utility pits. Council’s will require a permit which you will need to arrange prior to the skip bin being delivered. On the day of delivery/collection, access is required from 7.00 am. It might be an idea to chat with your neighbours prior to the skip bin being delivered/collected and ask them to leave room for the truck if required? If access is not possible the supplier may need to charge you a call-out fee to cover costs for the driver to return at another time. NB: Just chuck it cannot be held responsible for any surface damage.

What can I put in my skip?
  • Bricks concrete ONLY
  • Household general waste
  • Mixed Heavy building waste
  • Green waste ONLY
  • Clean fill ONLY
  • Timber ONLY
  • Bathroom Reno Bin
How high can I fill the bin? Or we could have. How much can we chuck in the bin?

You can only fill our skips to the Rim. We cannot accept bins filled above the rim as it becomes a safety risk while the bin is in transport

What about the environment?

Just chuck it makes all effort to recycle as much of the waste we collect as possible.

It reduces land fill and makes it much cheaper for the customer sorting the waste where applicable.

Where does my rubbish go?

To local recycling facilities

How to prevent others Chucking stuff in my Skip bin?

It is hard to stop others Chucking stuff in your bin. But a few things you can try is

  • Fill your bin as quick as you can to stop others from doing so.
  • Place it in a position as far in your private property as possible, which will deter others from doing so.
  • Cover your skip with a tarp when not in use.

After taking delivery of your Skip bin you become completely responsible for the rubbish that is chucked in there. If any prohibited materials are placed in the bin or its filled over the rim , you will be liable for any fines or additional cost that we may incur.

Can I change waste type after ordering the Skip bin?

No Problem, All you need to do is just email Or call 0460-005-002

What if all my rubbish doesn’t fit in the Skip bin?

If you have filled your bin quicker than you have anticipated and you still have more rubbish to chuck. Or it simply just doesn’t fit, No problem All you need to do is just email Or call 0460-005-002.

How much room does the truck need to deliver the Skip Bin?

Please ensure there are no low hanging trees , wires, street signs that will prevent us from getting the skip bin into the desired position .

Please see estimated clearances we need for our truck

  • Truck width 2.3 meters.
  • Truck height with arm extended 4.4meters.
  • Truck height 2.7 meters .
Will the Skip bin cause any damage to my Driveway or Grass?

There is always a risk of damage, if you are worried, we suggest having a couple of timbers 1.8meters long to place on your driveway, which we can place the bin on.

We also suggest if you are worried about your lawn placing sufficient timbers under the bin , may also help stop the grass from discolouring/dying.

When placing a skip bin on your grass we suggest trying to fill it up as quick as you can to prevent discolouring/dying.

Please note if you have a soft or really wet grass our truck may leave wheel impressions in your lawn. We mill make all effort to take as much care as possible to place the bin in the desired location.